Perfect Combination


“Ola, Como estas?” was the first thing I said when I entered the restaurant. The woman who was serving us replied with a big smile, “Muy bien, y tu?” I was speechless because I did not know if I should just respond with muy bien and mainly because she was really friendly towards us (it was genuine).

I have always craved for Mexican food and Ahora simply satisfied every craving I had. It was way over what I expected. Trust me, I’ve got high expectations. The title of being the best Mexican food in Ottawa for so many years was totally deserving, in addition to the excellent service and warm atmosphere the restaurant had. The music, as my brother has said, reflected a tropical city. The colourful surrounding made it more lively and fun to dine at. It was total opposite of what it was outside, a freezing temperature and well, it was quite dull because of the snow that covered the streets and buildings. This resto was definitely what we needed.

IMG_7380Now, the picture on your left is my all-time favourite Nachos meal EVER. It was so good that we ordered it twice. This is a large meal and I’m very strict when it comes to my diet but this is just an exception! The cheese greatly complemented the guacamole, tomatoes, and sour cream on top. The chips were so crisp that it felt like it did not contain any unnecessary carbs in it.

I love the beans on the side, which added to our protein intake for the meal; plus, it was an additional spice to make it more delish! There were no regrets.  Not even a bit.


Another meal that we tried was their main and best dish, Plato Ahora. This was not my order but I got to try it and I was speechless on how sumptuous it was from the crust to the inner most fillings. the rice had a taste to it as well, which can be combined to the very healthy burrito you see right there. If I had to go back, I will order this for myself and probably, I will do so for several more times. It is a must to try for all the Mexican food lovers out there!

I will give this place a five-star and will definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Ottawa or planning to. I’ve got this in my list and hopefully, I’ll get to try other dishes that they have on their menu. ❤


0109 Madness

IMG_4943           FullSizeRender

Welcome to an ambience of great class.

My mom introduced us to 0109 Dessert & Chocolates, where she discovered it from a friend of hers. The delicate and lovely atmosphere the place offers is unexplainable where the interior simply reflects the exquisiteness of the products it offers to its customers. The cakes look amazing and delish. Although I haven’t (yet) tried them myself, I am pretty certain that they will taste as good or even better than anyone can expect.

It may not be the best hubspot for the people who like to see sassy design and bold features but the humility of the over-all set-up can create an environment like not any other. With that being said, the beauty of the dessert place mentioned will not give much surprise to the price of its menu. Nonetheless, you can always pick one and share with a friend! (it’s so worth it)


Red bean crepe w/ green tea ice cream

If you know me well, I LOVE RED BEAN AND GREEN TEA. Anything, ice cream, pie, bread, soup, tea, or even if there’s anything else you can think of, count me in! That’s why, I ordered this. It’s filling, that’s for sure. The sweetness of the red bean perfectly contrasts the somewhat bitter taste of the green tea ice cream (if that makes sense), which makes the total taste of the plate balance. Not too sweet. Not even bland. Just the right mix.


I totally forgot the name of this one. My siblings ordered it. It was magical. You can pick different flavours, but if I were you, pick strawberry and banana as your fruit and cappuccino as your ice cream. SPEECHLESS.

There are so many places yet to be discovered and this one had got to be on your list. (if you’re in Toronto) You will not get that exciting flavours in your mouth like you might expect when it comes to desserts but you will experience the natural sweetness of the ingredients made with it/them.

Enjoy & Relax.

P.S. Congratulations to me! This is my first ever food post. finally!