Jazzing up for 25!

In a few years, I’ll be reaching my “quarter-life” and hopefully, there’ll be no crisis LOL as every human being loves doing, I love to list down things that I’ll want to achieve or at least experience before I reach the age of 25. Some may be too extra-ordinary.. others may be too fancy but that’s the fun of creating this in the first place, yeah? Here we go:

1 – Keep a commonplace book/folder/box
I’ve always had a journal but this idea is definitely more amazing in organizing my thoughts, ideas, and realizations I have had

2 – Finish FreeCodeCamp curriculum!

3 – Travel to 3 out of these cities by myself (or with someone/small group)
Current List: London, Amsterdam, Seoul (Done), Los Angeles (Done), Paris, Iceland, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, New York, Boston

4 – Launch a personal project

5 – THE hairstyle
Something that I’ll be able to maintain and appreciate for the most of my 20s timespan

6 – Develop a fitness routine

7 – Move out to learn the true essence of “independence” (In Progress – Refer to this!)

8 – Try out the hiking lifestyle. #pronature

9 – Have a decluttered bedroom free of any unnecessary belongings
donate clothes and things that I do not really use any more

10 – Support a specific cause

11 – Discover more about photography and filming

12 – 5 articles written in LinkedIn

13 – 10 Broadway shows please (let’s try NYC as well, please)
So far: Sound of Music, Matilda, Chinky Boots

14 – Get my G License!

15 – Reach out to 3 writers whom I truly admire

16 – Go on an international mission to be more internationally aware of global issues

17 – Learn Calligraphy!

18 – Graduate from University with excellent academic standing (Accomplished: Dean’s Honour Roll Class of 2016! – for you, pa & ma)

19 – 3 major hikes in Canada

20 – Experience the true essence of Winter (ski, snowboard, ice fishing, snow tubing)

21 – Visit my homeland ❤ (Accomplished: May 2016!)

22 – Be an expert Chocolate Chip Cookie baker!!

23 – Plan for “independence” (you-know-what-I-mean)

24 – Find a sideline job that’s parallel to my passion 🙂

25 – just feel internally contented & peaceful

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed listing these things. Please don’t hesitate to share me some of your bucket lists and let’s encourage one another to reach these milestones and even the deepest desires of our hearts. Disregard what the world needs you to become.. find yourself and your passions and you’ll be ready to become the person who will achieve great heights. (that is just my opinion)


2 thoughts on “Jazzing up for 25!

  1. clso says:

    Your blog is amazing Chriscelle!

    Try out the hiking lifestyle. #pronature — Let’s go!!
    Support a specific cause — I want to do this so bad
    Discover more about photography and filming — I can guide!! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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