All we need is love

Merry Christmas, dear wordpress-ers! ❤

It’s been a lovely year with everyone, from family to friends to practically just anyone and everyone. It’s not a day to just give and receive gifts because there’s more to it than that. This day is a reminder that we are all on the same boat with our own burdens to carry and despite that, we can still learn to love & care for one another.

The other day, someone told me that she was not religious at all but she appreciates the holiday vibe where people are a little bit kinder and more considerate. That’s the thing: why can’t we practice everyday? Wouldn’t the world be a little bit better if everyone carried a more caring heart?

Christmas is about you and me, us against the wrath of this world. Although we are different internally and externally, I am pretty sure that we will not be able to live without a throbbing heart that is always ready to love. The risk of not getting it in return can be frightening but what is worse is not having to try to share it.

Gifts are gifts but giving your time to listen and heart to understand, that is what we all need to create a more human world free of judgements, assumptions, and expectations. Let’s make this work out.

Love reciprocates naturally. It just does. Let’s stop hiding from what if’s and start feeling of what is. 🙂



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