Creating Revolutions

“When everything seems to lack in integrity, find it in yourself. You change the world right from where you’re standing.” – Henry (Madam Secretary, Season 1 Episode 22)

I definitely love this TV series because it touches on the positive aspect of politics where people take into consideration the values and perspective of the common good. There is so much pollution in this world, not only literally but also figuratively. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.. we are trained to see our lives as a purpose to make a huge impact in the world, especially after being exposed with a lot of superhero shows that emphasizes on our capability to make this world a better place to live in.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that idea but it ignores the idea that we are just human beings and we are not perfectly equipped in carrying the whole weight of the world. We must change from within, there is no other way. If we can’t take care of ourselves, then how can we take care of the world. It’s just not possible.

The worst possible way of living life is waiting.. waiting for the “right time”, “right place” and the “right opportunity” to come. News flash: reality does not happen that way. The best way to start changing people’s lives is to begin with yourself right now. There is no better time that today. Yes, timing is important in so many aspects but here’s the thing, if you feel strongly about something like getting that promotion, moving to another city, or making that first move.. then just do it. In order to make an impact in someone else’s life, one must be a good role model.

I want to change people’s lives and the world. I want to help people grow and become the best versions of themselves. I want character to be the basis of a person’s worth and not his / her personality, whether he / she is an introvert or an extrovert. How can I make these changes if I myself am not aware of my strengths and weaknesses or if I was not able to acknowledge my potential and being comfortable with who I truly am or if I cannot accept that my weaknesses may regard me as part of the “normal”??

There is no better way than today, really. Starting today, I will be more kind to myself and acknowledge that I am worthy while being grounded. My daily interactions and the way I respond to my daily challenges are the baby steps that determines my desired future.

It will be a long, tiring, frustrating, and maybe even a disappointing path but at the end of the road, everything will be alright. Trust.


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