Ride the Current

We must go with the flow. Let us work in harmony with nature. The more we fight against life, the more we will be isolated to our greatest dreams. If we want to achieve something, work hard for it but once we understand that every odd is against it, our hearts are suffering, and our values are being compromised.. I suggest that we stop.

I have always been a fighter. I was a competitive swimmer so the sport taught me a lot about perseverance and discipline. These were very significant in understanding how I must behave in life. The opposite side of the coin was that I never really knew when to stop. When I become passionate and involved in an activity, I give my all. Nothing, not even my parents and friends, was successful in ceasing my efforts in doing what I love to do.

[ At the end of the day, you are your own friend. Listen to yourself, know your limits. ]

I started late as a competitive swimmer – first year of high school – so it was definitely a challenge for me to get to where I was. I worked my way to not become better than anyone but myself. My times kept improving and I became the co-captain of my team but all good things must come to an end. Reality hit me, I was not developing myself anymore.. I was stagnant, a plateau. I needed to do something and change my situation. The rest was history. The happy ending was that I was able to get to college varsity and my times were getting more competitive despite the fall I experienced. I was blessed and here goes life, we had to move to a different country. Swimming was hard to give up. It was my life, my identity. It was everything that I was. However, I knew I have had enough competitions and it’s time to focus on reality where it kept telling me that my academics suffered because of the sport. It was good to build my confidence but I learned that without swimming, I was broken. Unless I want to become an athlete forever, I had to give it up. This was life’s decision for me. It asked me to focus on more important things: career, academics, health, and self-discovery.

I noticed how much my diet has changed since then. It was really bad right after but then, I got to learn the beauty of a healthy lifestyle and I am still learning.. I was able to explore possible careers and other interests.

Small miracles happen to remind us that once we follow the compass within us, our lives will eventually fall into the right place at the right time. Sometimes it does not make sense but have trust for a Higher Being or just the thought of something bigger than you are – nature – in order to fulfill your utmost purpose. I noticed that me going against the current made me drift away from the people and ideas that are dear to my heart. I was being selfish about my needs that I disregarded what life was telling me. I needed to stop what I was doing and I needed to go back to basics, my foundation. I was too hard on myself.

[ have patience and be mindful of your environment ]

In every situation that I face, I just tell myself that everything happens for a reason. It has to. Not every good thing that I saw myself achieving for was actually beneficial for me and not every problem that I encountered destroyed me. What we expect are not what really happens in reality. The current can bring us anywhere and everywhere so what is most significant is that we never lose hope that every little thing will be alright. Trust me, I have tried again and again to achieve several things just because I thought it will be nice but then, life happens. It is good to want something but never be blind for the signs that are pointing whether your heart desires it and whether it will be a platform that you will be able to stand for, long term.


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