emotional roller coaster ride

My twenties feel a never ending amusement park. I’m just 2 years in and it feels like I’ve been stuck in here for 5 years. I want to get out of this jungle and figure out everything.. ASAP. But, life does not work that way as we’ve been told. I have heard it kabillion times but it was only now that I have digested the thought that it truly is a mad world. Then again, there’s the brighter side of things.

I am a big believer that emotions, if managed wisely, can actually make this world a very very amazing place to live in. I am faced with so much doubts everyday when it comes to growing up, will I turn out like most of the people I see, numb of what they truly feel? I know that it hurts to care but what is it to live in this world full of life without any life.. if you get what I mean. When I get tired, I become like everyone else. However, those were the days that I deeply regret.

I don’t like to ignore the musicians who pour out their hearts playing their instruments and signing in the subway station. I hate having to walk ahead of an elder person when I need to get to the bus right away because I’m running late. I don’t like to not to say hi to the people I bump into in the elevator. I hate trying to say YES all the time when my heart, body, and mind are shouting and screaming to say NO.

What is the best way to manage emotions?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer.. yet. I am, though, getting there. Then, what is the point of this post? To let you know that you are not alone in fighting your inner voice in order to blend in with the outer world.

It’s hard to survive and especially, thrive in this world that has so much standards and expectations; however, it’s worth the time to figure out your path to contribute more and feel more fulfilled. I mean, who does not want to be understood and appreciated?


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