Conflicting Philosophies

Is it just me or there is so much to love in this world and yet, there are so much rules that limit us to attain them.

Being the complex person that I am, I just had to post this before I sleep or I might dream about it or even worse, keep tossing and turning on my bed.. not being able to sleep at all. Why do we have to choose between two extremes of needing and wanting, be accepted or having to fight, yourself of your community, passion or that official entitlement, your values or theirs? Why can’t we settle for something in the middle?

You can’t.
Choose one or lose both (that’s what they say.)
You just can’t.

My brother was just amazing. He told me this and it blew my mind. There are no right and wrong decision, there is only the right and good choices that you make. The bad choices.. they are just bad and you’ll know it when you sense it. He is right.

The other thought has always been lingering in my mind and I can’t seem to find an answer. I was with my dad last time debating on the topic of doing what you love and loving what you do. It has been in my culture to be extremely patient when it comes to the sufferings and sacrifices we had to make in order for the right time to come for our hard work to be paid off. However, I have witnessed a different approach in the western culture where I was exposed to the philosophy of doing what you love so you will be more sustainable in what you’re doing because it is what you considered as what you loved.

How about self-efficacy?
How about your potential to succeed in it?

If you don’t know, how will anyone else provide you the answer. My dad made sure that my mind was clear before I went to sleep. He told me that life isn’t certain and you will not be able to depict the future. I had to do my best in what was given to me and through the prayers I will have, everything will eventually fall into place. He emphasized on living in the present and trusting whatever has to happen will happen for a reason. It can be that most of my generation (being raised with technology) was used to immediate gratification. It can be a personality trait already or just a characteristic but for now, I want to train myself to be more patient considering how patient I already am.

If I have things that I love, I can still do them. Time cannot stop me from that. It shouldn’t.. if I really said that I loved what I love. It should not be complicated, my dad says. It’s true. Priorities have to be set straight and so far in life, I believe that in order to find success and happiness, I must do the things that I am passionate for while still being intact with my society/community.

We are after-all, still humans. We are social beings.


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