Looking Back & Moving Forward

I can’t believe it’s already 2015!!!

Then again, I had a great ending on my 2014 doing karaoke all night on New Year’s Eve with the family and well, accidentally missing the countdown. It was so sad and hilarious at the same time because we have been singing to pass time to wait for the countdown. I guess we had too much much and as I reflected on it, I realized that it was kind of good that I missed it because then, the transitioning to 2015 will be smoother.

Why? Beside the fact that we were all genuinely happy with where we are and what we were doing without caring what the world was thinking, it was more of seeing the whole concept of a new year as a societal obligation. I always thought that New Years was the only event where big changes are seen as more normal but that is not true. Every day must be a new year. What makes New Year special is our opportunity to stop and reflect on what has happened the past year, appreciate the good things, and learn from the bad. Other than that, we must always seek good changes everyday since it takes time to get to that destination we have been hoping to arrive to.

After all the terrible and traumatic occurrences that our world has experienced, we must not lose hope. The problems we have encountered may be reminder that we have to work as a team and not for ourselves. As for calamities, it’s time to trust that everything happens for a reason. I definitely believe that it’s easier said than done but guess what? life must go on. I have been in a roller coaster this year but looking back at it, I wouldn’t be who I am today without those challenges.

Looking back, I have gathered 5 biggest realizations:

Never settle, have standards
Satisfaction must come from within
Be thoughtful, to care for something/someone important is never a weakness
Be as perfect as you can be, without any external influences
Knowing and loving who you are are prerequisites to being known and loved by others

I know that some of these can and will be misunderstood because of the variety of perspectives we all possess. I have written them without any explanations in order for you to reflect on them with your own vantage point. At the end of the day, what makes each one of us special and unique are our thoughts and ideas. Moving forward with my life this year, I wanted to take more risks and listen to my inner voice. It will definitely be a challenge but it will be a challenge that I want to venture on.

How? I am studying my hardest in order to get competitive grades because it will give me an edge in getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience and work harder to be financially ready for the expenses I will have to spend on. I really want to go somewhere soon to increase my international awareness in developing a more diverse outlook in life and my career. More than that, I have always desired to immerse in a culture not familiar with mine.. don’t even get me started with food cuisines that I get to try.
My top five choices: Korea, Taiwan, London, LA, and Germany

Invest on my growth
How? I will invest more time and efforts in attending effective workshops/sessions/conferences/events that will open me to the world outside my own and which will push me outside my comfort zone.

Read more
How? Allot time to read at least One book/month or at least 10 books for the year.
(Any recommendations?)

Work towards my passion
How? I love people, swimming, music, and photography so let’s see how that goes for me.

These are all rough ideas and plans I have for this year. I believe that when it’s the right time and when I have done the best that I could, everything will fall in its right place. Buckle up, my friends! I want to invite you to take this journey with me because life, as we know it, has so much more in store for those who dream big. I hope you continue to be hopeful for today and more tomorrows and you will never give up on your dreams to make this world a better place. 🙂

Happy 2015, wordpressers!!


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