The Tunnel Vision

For the past 21 years, I have seen myself aiming to reach so many stars while struggling to look at all directions. Some people would say that they have admired how much passion I put in everything that I do but I have figured that life is not just about goals and having a better future. No matter how repetitive you may hear this, the journey and not the destination matters most. 

As a perfectionist and an intuitive person, I always make sure to follow the plan and to not ruin it, which has sucked the life out of my life. I’m only in my twenties but I think as if I’m in my forties because of my future concerns like what would my retirement look like, where will my family reside, and how will I make sure that I take care of my parents when they get old. (and many more) My mom noticed this and she always remind me to focus what is in front of me and enjoy while I am still young. 

The fast-paced world makes everything seem like a never-ending roller coaster. The thrill is great but why not get off the ride and take the ferris wheel once in a while. Enjoy the ride, “like living slowly to take it all in” describes what I’m trying to say. Every moment counts. Maybe this is not just me so I will share some realizations that may potentially help my fellow wordpress-ers on this ongoing concern.

1. Do the things you have always wanted to try.

Life is short and that is not a joke nor does it portray a YOLO lifestyle. It simply means that we have not that long of time to live in this Earth so challenge yourself to live to the fullest every day. You don’t have to oblige yourself to go skydiving, travel halfway around the world, or hike that mountain your friends have gone to. You can but it’s not necessary. Explore your country/city, visit your grandparents to hear their stories, and read books that strengthen you can be some good realistic examples.

I have been in this city for 2 years now and because I have been too involved in school and building my professional life, I seem to lack “life experiences” and after some time, trust me.. I have witnessed people who have taken risks claim the biggest and most wonderful opportunities in their lives. How long have I planned to roam around the city to make memories, try different cuisines, visit historical sites, and meet amazing people. There is so much magic happening just around the corner.. and I am missing it because I am too busy to build my “career path”. How often do I get to be this young.

“You may be older than yesterday but you are still younger” than tomorrow so do yourself a favor and live a life you will be proud to have.

2. Do some planning

I have indicated some because even though you get to live once, you still have to understand the world and how to survive in it. As a twenty-something, I have practiced properly monitoring my budget and plan out my day to be able to accomplish some things that will/may help me later on in life. After all, no matter how much we would want our lives to be perfect and full of happiness, we still have to acknowledge that practical means can save us from bigger regrets.

Study hard. Look for opportunities to grow and strengthen your skills. Network.

Study hard because based on how I looked at things, grades still bring you to many places. I have seen how applications to study, teach, work, and volunteer abroad asks for your GPA. I have always thought that grades were a dictation of my own discipline in being able to focus on what must be done. I was raised in a family where education is a huge aspect of one’s life and I respect the reason behind it.

Opportunities to help you grow are everywhere, you just got to look for them. Accept the challenge of learning something new.. cook that mouthwatering pasta you have seen “In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita”, join an organization to support a cause that holds so much meaning in your life, try that kickboxing class that will help your fitness and health. There are so many things to get involved out there. Understand your community, partake in the world’s concerns, and contribute.

Network with people you admire. Network = Connect, Build, and Sustain Relationships. It is very empowering to be surrounded by open-minded people. It may take some time to sense which relationships will last but you will sense it. After all, the world won’t be what it is without each other’s help. Listen and be heard. 🙂

** There are so many aspects – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial – to consider that focusing on one thing does not help you in the bigger scope of life. Balance is the key, my friends!


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