Listen as your day unfolds, challenge what the future holds

Life does not end after going through a depressive stage or achieving a lifetime goal or checking the last thing off your bucket list. It goes on and on and on.. because that’s the beauty of life.

You have to keep growing
You are not stuck in this box called fear
You are not destined to be the same person you were last year
You are capable of mistakes and these will serve as your path towards a better life to be a better person

Change is the only constant thing in this world.

I have gone through many experiences but never did I realize that after being exposed to so many people, I still have got so much to face. I have always loved being surrounded by adults, not that I am not one. I am talking about grown-ups who are almost twenty years older than I am. As a kid, I was always the one coming along with my mom to attend her events and it was not a bore for me.. actually, it even entertains me.

I told you, I am too mature for my age. I look up to these adults and admire the fact that after going through so much pain, they believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining, and a rainbow after the rain. Wisdom is such a beautiful thing. Take one day at a time and you will see great wonders.

If you are a twenty-something like me or in that stage of your life when you feel lost and tired and sick of everything, let me tell you that you are never alone. EVER! I may be too young to give such advice but bear with me. 😉

Four very important routine to implement in your life:

Have heart-to-heart conversations

Trust me, this helps a lot! I am not saying to do this every single day or every single time that you encounter a problem but at least twice or thrice a month where you will reconnect with people you trust and care about (and vice versa) to share your thoughts about anything and everything. I am grateful for the lovely people in my life, which you must have as well. Surround yourself with positive people and then, treasure them!

It is such a relief that some people are experiencing what you’re experiencing and after these conversations, the load that you are carrying will be so much lighter than it used to be. Why? Because this reminds us that we must not take things too seriously.. because at the end of the day, we know that despite our imperfections, we have people who will always accept us for who we are. Love is such a powerful tool.

Write on a journal

You may not be a writer but it does not really matter because writing down your thoughts.. cools your emotions down because you reflect and think about the bigger picture of the situation. Talking to someone can be good too but remember that whatever you say, you cannot take back so in my opinion, writing it on paper will not only make things clearer but also avoid any misunderstandings or regretful words that you may say. Reflect back to these to remind you how you have grown, which I hope you are, along with your mind, heart, and soul.

Have a “me” time

Go out. Watch a movie. Shop. Walk out and about. Do groceries. Wander in the park. Go to a gallery.
Just do something for yourself by yourself. It does not hurt.. it may be awkward at first since you are not used to it and may feel that other people may see you as a loner, but why do you care what they think? This is serenity and how it must be for you to hear your thoughts. Treat yourself with something you have always wanted but never really had “the time” to have.. like that ice cream truck you have always wondered about.

Tell yourself, “You are worth it”

because my friend, you are and always will be.

You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger.  – Des’ree (watch this)


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