Life is a Maze and Love is a Riddle

Most accurate definition of life? NA

It is definitely a maze that does not have a finish line.. maybe it does, but who knows where it could be. What interests me so much about life is its inconsistencies and uncertainties. Those two things were my biggest fear back then but now, I have (am trying still) learned to appreciate its significance in many aspects.

Bad thing? Anything can happen and everything can change in an instant.
Good thing? Same.

Titanic was a favourite of mine and I will never forget what Jack said, “I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up.”. I mean, it is certainly easier said than done but what will our lives look like if we actually start living in the moment. (and not just taking pictures to “reserve” it) Look at this amazing yet practical article to know some little steps on how to reminisce memories from our hearts, feel nostalgic, and play it clearly in your head.

I am not against photography.. that will be hypocritical of me, I actually am a wanna-be apprentice on that category. I love pictures and Instagram-ing but sometimes, I feel like I must experience the moment rather than finding the perfect angle and edit it for my peers to see and like. — interesting thought I will want to discuss more in my future posts

The world is filled with wonder and even though how many times you have heard that life is short, we cannot deny that fact. My life is like a roller coaster where as a social introvert, I am struggling balancing both of my external and internal energies. I like to keep myself busy but the more commitments I get ahold of, the more the maze gets trickier. It is an exciting thought but being too busy must not be an excuse to live to your fullest. 

How about love, please give a definition? Speechless. 

Just phrase or two maybe: love is God, my family, and loved ones; it is supposed to happen when it’s supposed to happen
(Any thoughts on love, my dear word-pressers?)

To end the post, let us joyously end the day the way Lenka ended her song, “Just enjoy the show”!

By the way, Happy Sunday folks! && Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂


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